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First, I have to start by saying, "this is the BEST place!!!"  We love the Jewell School!!

We've homeschooled our kids and then hired a teacher to help homeschool them. One day we lost our teacher to a new career for her husband.  We were lost and didn't know what to do. Then we were told about the Jewell School!! After doing the tour we knew it was a great fit.  But it wasn't until our kids actually started school that we knew JUST HOW AWESOME it really is!  As parents, when your kids are happy its the greatest! I LOVE it when my kids are happy.  AND... They are truly happy here!!! They LOVE school days! They get disappointed when there is a long weekend or holiday because they want to be at school. They love their teachers, the things they are learning, the fun clubs they get to be involved in, being outside, and their new friends!  All of the children are so kind and accepting of each other.  All of the teachers and staff care so much for the children, too!  I love that I feel my kids are safe there, which is super important! There is so much opportunity for the kids to learn about life here!  They also learn how to be good people, etc.  I could go on and on.  This school is well rounded in all that it offers. We highly, highly recommend this school to everyone! If you're looking for a place for your child to have great friends, academics, fun, learn life lessons, learn how to run a business, build robotics, self defense, homesteading, and so much more... please, do yourself a favor and tour the school, or talk to me, and just get down there! 

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